San Diego Math Olympiad

The San Diego Math Olympiad (SDMO) is a 5 problem, proof-based math contest run by the San Diego Math Circle. Participants are selected by their achievements in the San Diego Math League (SDML). There is a division for middle school students and a division for high school students.

SDMO Winners

Middle school

  • 2005: Johnny Li
  • 2006: Johnny Li
  • 2017: Elden Ren, Nicholas Song, Sophie Wu
  • 2019: Daeho Lee

High school

  • 2005: Tedrick Leung
  • 2006: Vincent Le
  • 2017: Sumith Nalabolu, Kevin Ren, Ivy Sauberan, Jacob Zhang
  • 2019: Derek Liu, Benjamin Shimabukuro, Tristan Shin
  • 2020: Elden Ren, Benjamin Shimabukuro, Sophie Wu
  • 2022: Aman Jain

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