Template:Mock AIME box

This succession box template will only work on pages in the format Mock AIME # YYYY-YYYY Problems/Problem # (or instead of YYYY-YYYY, Pre YYYY).


The format for this template is:

{{Mock AIME box|year=YYYY-YYYY|n=#|num-b=#|num-a=#|source=######}}
  • year: Refers to year range, like Pre 2005 or 2005-2006.
  • n: Refers to the test number (like 4 in Mock AIME 4 2006-2007)
  • num-b: Refers to number before this. If there is no number, replace num-b with before=First Question.
  • num-b: Refers to number after this. If there is no number, replace num-a with after=Last Question.
  • source: (optional) Refers to the external link source number, specifically the topic number on the artofproblemsolving forum website (look in the URL bar).
    • If the source link cannot be found (or there is none), then replace it with ...|link=}}.
    • To link to a different website, use ...|link=, [http://website.com Source]}}

An example is:

{{Mock AIME box|year=2006-2007|n=4|num-b=5|num-a=7|source=125025}}
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