University of Northern Colorado Math Contest

Past Exams

This is a list of all UNC Math Contests in the AoPSWiki. Users are encouraged to post additional solutions to the problems.

Format & Scoring

The contest consists of two rounds. Each round is a paper and pencil exam with about 9-12 problems. Students compete individually and no electronic devices are to be used in working the problems. The First Round of the contest is administered in early November in schools around the state and the answers are sent to UNC for grading. Students are allowed ninety minutes to work the First Round problems. Students who make high scores on the First Round of the contest are invited to the UNC campus in Greeley for the Final Round of the contest in late January. The Final Round is similar in spirit to the First Round, but the problems are more challenging. Students are allowed three hours to work the Final Round problems. Both rounds challenge students to exercise their creativity and ingenuity to solve problems in geometry, algebra, combinatorics, probability, and number theory. All the old contest exams are archived on the contest website.


The contest is for all interested students in Colorado. It is designed for students in grades 7-12, but younger students are welcome to participate if they have an interest. All schools in the state, public, private, and home schools, are invited to administer the First Round of the contest in early November.


The University of Northern Colorado Math Contest was founded in 1992 by Richard Grassl and has been directed by Ricardo Diaz since 2011-12.