about this place

This is a place where AndrewC10 post my facts

The Facts

1. AndrewC10 is a AoPS User

2. AndrewC10 made this page

3. AndrewC10's favorite colors are green and blue

4. AndrewC10 has just turned 10.

5. AndrewC10's lucky number is 16

6. AndrewC10 loves $\LaTeX$ but doesn't like Asymptote

7. AndrewC10 is a real life friend of wuwang2002 happyteam and lucasfan

8. AndrewC10 is somewhat good at python, html, css, js and scratch

9. AndrewC10's house is closest to the Bellevue campus

10. But the nearest campus is the one in Pheasanton, CA, and that is 686.26 miles away, so that means it is possible that I don't even live in Washington.

11. AndrewC10's has a 2 scratch accounts, one is called AndrewChen11, the other one is called Actinium10

12. AndrewC10 can recite the periodic table

13. AndrewC10 has memorized more that 85% of the world's countries in the UN.

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