Hello all! As you all know, I am the all enigmatic genesis2. (NOTE: Wiki to be edited every once in a while when changes occur.)

(Thanks to Toed for the layout of my user wiki page.) :P

How to Reach Me

Reach me by my blog.

Another option is to reach me through PM.

Wiki Contributions

I made the page 2013 AIME II.


I am the mod of the Berkeley Math Circle subforum.

Mathematics Competitions Archives


AMC 8: 19


AMC 8: 22

AMC 10: 111

AIME: 1 (darn, I should have tried)

Mandelbrot Redwood Region:

Round 1 - 1

Round 2 - 9

Round 3 - 9

Round 4 - didn't take

Round 5 - didn't take


Dear Colleague Project

Blogbros sh4931 and I are running a vlogbrother-ish chat on each of our blogs. We will be posting on each other's blogs to discuss things going on in our life and new trends. Do not miss out on these "Dear Colleague" entries! :)

(If any of you have these "trends" or "events" that you want sh and I to discuss about, feel free to PM me or SH about it! We will be happy to discuss stuff like that.)


Dear Colleague Entry 1: 1/4/2014

Dear Colleague Entry 2: 1/28/2014

Dear Colleague Entry 3: 5/22/2014

Dear Colleague Entry 4: 5/23/2014

Dear Colleague Entry 5: 5/24/2014

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