Euler line

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In any triangle $\triangle ABC$, the Euler line is a line which passes through the orthocenter $H$, centroid $G$, circumcenter $O$, nine-point center $N$ and De Longchamps point $L$. It is named after Leonhard Euler. Its existence is a non-trivial theorem of Euclidean geometry.

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Certain fixed orders and distance ratios hold among these points. In particular, $\overline{OGNH}$ and $OG:GN:NH = 2:1:3$

Given the orthic triangle$\triangle H_AH_BH_C$ of $\triangle ABC$, the Euler lines of $\triangle AH_BH_C$,$\triangle BH_CH_A$, and $\triangle CH_AH_B$ concur at $N$, the nine-point center of $\triangle ABC$.

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