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== See also ==
== See also ==
*[[PMWC Problems and Solutions]]
*[[PMWC Problems and Solutions]]
*[[List of international mathematics competitions]]
[[Category:Mathematics competitions]]
[[Category:Mathematics competitions]]

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The Primary Mathematics World Contest (PMWC) is a contest which started in 1997, sponsored by the Po Leung Kuk foundation. It is designed for the middle school level, and consists of an individual round and a team round. Each team consists of four people aged 13 or under.

The competition itself takes place in Hong Kong.

  • Individual Round: The individual round consists of 15 problems, numbered I1-I15.
  • Team Round: The team round consists of 10 problems, numbered T1-T10.


The problems are similar to AMC 10/AMC 12 level, with an emphasis on number theory, geometry and logic.

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