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* Created tutorial [[Templates & categories]], so others can create templates
* Created tutorial [[Templates & categories]], so others can create templates
== My Awards ==
''(We had to keep this list for school, so I copied it here)''
=== 6th Grade ===
Perfect Attendance – 1st Semester & 2nd Semester
Good Citizenship Certificate
4.0 GPA – 1st Semester & 2nd Semester
AMC 8 - 1st Place Certificate: Score: 18
=== 7th Grade ===
Perfect Attendance – 1st Semester & 2nd Semester
4.0 GPA – 1st Semester & 2nd Semester
SC Junior Scholar
Duke TIP – Only Grand Scholar from Crayton Middle School (National Level) – Top 1%
AMC 8 – Score: 20 – Top 1% in USA
AMC 10 – Score: 102
MathCounts Regional – 15th Place Individual; 1st Place Countdown
PSAT: CR = 65; Math = 70; Writing = 71; Total = 206
PSAT School High Score
SAT: Math = 780; Verbal = 650; Total = 1430
J.A. Kuhlman SAT Achievement Award – Highest SAT Score in School
Highest Middle School SAT Score – Richland County School District One
School Geography Bee Qualifier – Top 25
Grand Homme in Crayton Drama Department’s Once On This Island
=== 8th Grade ===
4.0 GPA – 1st Semester
Good Citizenship Award
SC Junior Scholar
Middle School Scholar
National Junior Honor Society Member
AMC 8 – Score: 22 – Top 1% in USA
AMC 8 School Winner
AMC 10 – Score: 120.5 – Top 1% (Qualifies for AIME)
AMC 10 School Winner
AIME Qualifier
AIME Score – Score: 4
AIME SC High Score: 8th Grade
Duke Math Meet – Score: 5 – Highest Scoring Freshman; SC Team High Scorer
Crayton Academic Team – Member
PSAT: CR = 68; Math = 76; Writing = 76; Total = 220
PSAT School High Score
SAT: CR = 710; Math = 800; Writing = 670; Total = 2180
SAT School High Score
School Geography Bee Winner – 1st Place
South Carolina State Geography Bee Qualifier (Top 100 in SC)
USC High School Math Contest – 3rd Place (out of 8) A.C. Flora High Math Team
Friar Tuck (A Lead Character) in Crayton Drama Department’s Robin Hood
MathCounts Regional – 1st Place Individual; 2nd Place Countdown, 2nd Place Team
MathCounts State – 3rd Place Individual; 2nd Place Countdown; 1st Place Team
MathCounts National - 15th Place Team, Most Improved Team, 87th Place Individual
Coastal Carolina Math Contest – 1st Place Individual (Division I); 3rd Place Overall Team
Crayton Academic Team – 2nd Place Team
== My "Publications" ==
I have authored or co-authored a  few tests hosted on AoPS, including:
*The MSM Competition
*[[MIMC]] I: Spring 2006

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About Me

I'm Sean, a 9th grader in South Carolina. I'm a moderator of several AoPS forums, including Careers in Mathematics, Other US Contests & Programs, and the South Carolina community forum. I am also a Resource Manager, so if you post a problem that needs to be included in the resources section, please contact me. My interests include: math, tennis, soccer, & Halo 2.

Profiles & Info

AoPS Screename: mysmartmouth

XBOX Live Gamertag: mysmartmouth

AIM Screename: cheesybread92

YIM Screename: cheesybread92

MSN Screename: cheesybread92

ICQ Number: 212739828

Yahoo Chess Screename: seans41k

Email Address: seansoni@gmail.com

MySpace Name: mysmartmouth

My AoPSWiki Contributions

  • Proofread & Corrected numerous articles
  • Wrote MIMC article; also wrote (separate) MIMC article on Wikipedia
  • Added a long list of Useful Codes to the LaTeX article
  • Created Tutorials template - please use!
  • Converted LaTeX and copied in (from Formulary) Symbols & conventions - a daunting task that needs to be completed!
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