1989 AJHSME Problems/Problem 19


The graph below shows the total accumulated dollars (in millions) spent by the Surf City government during $1988$. For example, about $.5$ million had been spent by the beginning of February and approximately $2$ million by the end of April. Approximately how many millions of dollars were spent during the summer months of June, July, and August?

[asy] unitsize(18); for (int a=1; a<13; ++a)  {   draw((a,0)--(a,.5));  } for (int b=1; b<6; ++b)  {   draw((-.5,2b)--(0,2b));  } draw((0,0)--(0,12)); draw((0,0)--(14,0)); draw((0,0)--(1,.9)--(2,1.9)--(3,2.6)--(4,4.3)--(5,4.5)--(6,5.7)--(7,8.2)--(8,9.4)--(9,9.8)--(10,10.1)--(11,10.2)--(12,10.5)); label("J",(.5,0),S); label("F",(1.5,0),S); label("M",(2.5,0),S); label("A",(3.5,0),S); label("M",(4.5,0),S); label("J",(5.5,0),S); label("J",(6.5,0),S); label("A",(7.5,0),S); label("S",(8.5,0),S); label("O",(9.5,0),S); label("N",(10.5,0),S); label("D",(11.5,0),S); label("month F=February",(16,0),S); label("$1$",(-.6,2),W); label("$2$",(-.6,4),W); label("$3$",(-.6,6),W); label("$4$",(-.6,8),W); label("$5$",(-.6,10),W); label("dollars in millions",(0,11.9),N); [/asy]

$\text{(A)}\ 1.5 \qquad \text{(B)}\ 2.5 \qquad \text{(C)}\ 3.5 \qquad \text{(D)}\ 4.5 \qquad \text{(E)}\ 5.5$


Since we want to know how much money is spent in June, July and August, we need the difference between the amount of money spent by the beginning of June and the amount of money spent by the end of August.

We estimate these to be about $2.2$ million and $4.8$ million, respectively. The difference is \[4.8-2.2=2.6\approx 2.5 \rightarrow \boxed{\text{B}}\]

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