2003 AIME II Problems/Problem 9


Consider the polynomials $P(x) = x^{6} - x^{5} - x^{3} - x^{2} - x$ and $Q(x) = x^{4} - x^{3} - x^{2} - 1.$ Given that $z_{1},z_{2},z_{3},$ and $z_{4}$ are the roots of $Q(x) = 0,$ find $P(z_{1}) + P(z_{2}) + P(z_{3}) + P(z_{4}).$


When we use long division to divide $P(x)$ by $Q(x)$, the remainder is $x^2-x+1$.

So, since $z_1$ is a root, $P(z_1)=(z_1)^2-z_1+1$.

Now this also follows for all roots of $Q(x)$ Now \[P(z_2)+P(z_1)+P(z_3)+P(z_4)=z_1^2-z_1+1+z_2^2-z_2+1+z_3^2-z_3+1+z_4^2-z_4+1\]

Now by Vieta's we know that $-z_4-z_3-z_2-z_1=-1$, so by Newton's Sums we can find $z_1^2+z_2^2+z_3^2+z_4^2$





So finally $P(z_2)+P(z_1)+P(z_3)+P(z_4)=3+4-1=\boxed{006}.$

Solution 2

Let $S_k=z_1^k+z_2^k+z_3^k+z_4^k$ then by Vieta's Formula we have \[S_{-1}=\frac{z_1z_2z_3+z_1z_3z_4+z_1z_2z_4+z_1z_2z_3}{z_1z_2z_3z_4}=0\] \[S_0=4\] \[S_1=1\] \[S_2=3\] By Newton's Sums we have \[a_4S_k+a_3S_{k-1}+a_2S_{k-2}+a_1S_{k-1}+a_0S_{k-4}=0\]

Applying the formula couples of times yields $P(z_1)+P(z_2)+P(z_3)+P(z_4)=S_6-S_5-S_3-S_2-S_1=\boxed{6}$.

~ Nafer

Solution 3

$P(x) = x^{2}Q(x)+x^{4}-x^{3}-x.$

So we just have to find: $\sum_{n=1}^{4} z^{4}_n - \sum_{n=1}^{4} z^{3}_n - \sum_{n=1}^{4} z_n$.

And by Newton's Sums this computes to: $11-4-1 = \boxed{006}$.

~ LuisFonseca123

Solution 4

If we scale $Q(x)$ by $x^2$, we get $x^6-x^5-x^4-x^2$. In order to get to $P(x)$, we add $x^4-x^3-x$. Therefore, our answer is $\sum_{n=1}^{4} z^4_n-z^3_n-z_n$. However, rearranging $Q(z_n) = 0$, makes our final answer $\sum_{n=1}^{4} z^2_n-z_n+1$. The sum of the squares of the roots is $1^2-2(-1) = 3$ and the sum of the roots is $1$. Adding 4 to our sum, we get $3-1+4 = \boxed{006}$.

~ Vedoral

Video Solution by Sal Khan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSESJ8TeGSI&list=PLSQl0a2vh4HCtW1EiNlfW_YoNAA38D0l4&index=14 - AMBRIGGS



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