2005 AMC 12A Problems/Problem 12


A line passes through $A\ (1,1)$ and $B\ (100,1000)$. How many other points with integer coordinates are on the line and strictly between $A$ and $B$?

$(\mathrm {A}) \ 0 \qquad (\mathrm {B}) \ 2 \qquad (\mathrm {C})\ 3 \qquad (\mathrm {D}) \ 8 \qquad (\mathrm {E})\ 9$


For convenience’s sake, we can transform $A$ to the origin and $B$ to $(99,999)$ (this does not change the problem). The line $AB$ has the equation $y = \frac{999}{99}x = \frac{111}{11}x$. The coordinates are integers if $11|x$, so the values of $x$ are $11, 22 \ldots 88$, with a total of $8\implies \boxed{\mathrm{(D)}}$ coordinates.

Solution 2

The slope of the line is\[ \frac{1000-1}{100-1}=\frac{111}{11}, \]so all points on the line have the form $(1+11t, 1+111t)$ for some value of $t$ (the rise is 111 and the run is 11). Such a point has integer coordinates if and only if $t$ is an integer, and the point is strictly between $A$ and $B$ if and only if $0<t<9$. Thus, there are $\boxed{8}$ points with the required property. -Paixiao

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