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Triangle $OAB$ has $O=(0,0)$, $B=(5,0)$, and $A$ in the first quadrant. In addition, $\angle ABO=90^\circ$ and $\angle AOB=30^\circ$. Suppose that $OA$ is rotated $90^\circ$ counterclockwise about $O$. What are the coordinates of the image of $A$?

$\mathrm{(A)}\ \left( - \frac {10}{3}\sqrt {3},5\right) \qquad \mathrm{(B)}\ \left( - \frac {5}{3}\sqrt {3},5\right) \qquad \mathrm{(C)}\ \left(\sqrt {3},5\right) \qquad \mathrm{(D)}\ \left(\frac {5}{3}\sqrt {3},5\right) \qquad \mathrm{(E)}\ \left(\frac {10}{3}\sqrt {3},5\right)$

Solution 1

Since $\angle ABO=90^\circ$, and $\angle AOB=30^\circ$, we know that this triangle is one of the Special Right Triangles.

We also know that $B$ is $(5,0)$, so $B$ lies on the x-axis. Therefore, $OB = 5$.

Then, since we know that this is a Special Right Triangle ($30$-$60$-$90$ triangle), we can use the proportion \[\frac{5}{\sqrt 3}=\frac{AB}{1}\] to find $AB$.

We find that \[AB=\frac{5\sqrt 3}{3}\]

That means the coordinates of $A$ are $\left(5,\frac{5\sqrt 3}3\right)$.

Rotate this triangle $90^\circ$ counterclockwise around $O$, and you will find that $A$ will end up in the second quadrant with the coordinates $\boxed{ \left( -\frac{5\sqrt 3}3, 5\right)}$.

Note: To better visualize this, one can sketch a diagram.

Solution 2

As $\angle ABO=90^\circ$ and $A$ is in the first quadrant, we know that the $x$ coordinate of $A$ is $5$. We now need to pick a positive $y$ coordinate for $A$ so that we'll have $\angle AOB=30^\circ$.

By the Pythagorean theorem we have $AO^2 = AB^2 + BO^2 = AB^2 + 25$.

By the definition of sine, we have $\frac{AB}{AO} = \sin AOB = \sin 30^\circ = \frac 12$, hence $AO=2\cdot AB$.

Substituting into the previous equation, we get $AB^2 = \frac{25}3$, hence $AB=\frac{5\sqrt 3}3$.

This means that the coordinates of $A$ are $\left(5,\frac{5\sqrt 3}3\right)$.

After we rotate $OA$ $90^\circ$ counterclockwise about $O$, it will be in the second quadrant and have the coordinates $\boxed{ \left( -\frac{5\sqrt 3}3, 5\right) }$.

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