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Welcome to my user page!

About Me

Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 is just a user who finished AoPS's Counting and Probability class, and four AwesomeMath courses, and he is not as legendary as Piphi.

Like CreativeHedgehog, Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 is making a lot of projects on this wiki including the Wiki Math Games and his very own main page.

Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 is not orz.

Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 got an 18 in the AMC 8 and a three-time national qualifier in

Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 is an International Countdown Champion in elementary 2021.


Thanks to the following users!

1. Piphi for the inspiration

2. CreativeHedgehog for the social media buttons, the box code (the one used in his Viewer Count and in my User Count) and supporting this User Page

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I just didn't do that because I had 40 pages to edit that out with. CreativeHedgehog 22:32, 4 August 2020 (EDT)


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