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Welcome to the Wiki Math Games by Aops-g5-gethsemanea2!

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If you want to signup, do it below. Remember, log in to edit this page. I will check on this list periodically and add people to games.

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The Wiki Math Game is a head-to-head competition for AoPS students. When you signup, please follow the form below:

  • Username (Algebra/Geometry/Counting and Probability/Number Theory)(5/10 problems)


  • aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (Algebra)(10 problems)
  • CreativeHedgehog (Geometry) (8 problems)

Put more preferences in parentheses if you'd like to.

Post your answers in the discussion area.

Note #1: All questions will be Introductory level.

Note #2: The time limit for posting an answer is 3 days. If one user does not answer for above the limit, the game will be marked abandoned and none of the players get to go to the Hall of Fame.


All of the game links will be posted here.

Game 1: MindCalculator versus ___

Game #1 has not yet started. Click here to go to the game.