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Hi, I am CreativeHedgehog, and you have been using my social media template. Do you want to add your name in? If so, give an icon or a file. CreativeHedgehog 16:31, 28 July 2020 (EDT)

You can add my username in. --Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (talk) 22:45, 28 July 2020 (EDT)

Can you put the buttons back to the top? Thank you --Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (talk) 05:43, 30 July 2020 (EDT)

In case I need more buttons, I will not. CreativeHedgehog 16:37, 30 July 2020 (EDT)

@CreativeHedgehog what do you mean by Aops2 skin style? --Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (talk) 08:47, 9 August 2020 (EDT)

In the settings, there is a place where you can choose the skin style, the default being Aops2. Only that one will allow the AoPS font. CreativeHedgehog 14:13, 9 August 2020 (EDT)

Thank you :) --Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (talk) 21:39, 9 August 2020 (EDT)

for example, here is another skin. CreativeHedgehog, User:CreativeHedgehog 16:48, 10 August 2020 (EDT)

Thank you, I figured out about this already and all the others. :) --Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (talk) 21:40, 10 August 2020 (EDT)

CreativeHedgehog, you signed up for the Wiki Math Games in the wrong location. --Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 (talk) 20:25, 24 August 2020 (EDT)