2019 AIME I Problems/Problem 9

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The 2019 AIME I takes place on March 13, 2019.

Problem 9

Let $\tau (n)$ denote the number of positive integer divisors of $n$. Find the sum of the six least positive integers $n$ that are solutions to $\tau (n) + \tau (n+1) = 7$.


Essentially, you realize that to get 7 you need an odd amount of divisors + and even amount of divisors. This means that one of our n needs to be a square. Furthermore it must either be a prime squared to get 3 divisors or a prime to the fourth to get 5 divisors. Any more factors in a square would be to large. Thus n/n+1 is in the form p^2 or p^4. The rest of the solution is bashing left to the reader.

~~ paliwalar.21

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