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The AMC 8 is a contest for students in grades 8 and below, hosted annually by the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) to students all over the United States.

Usually, high scoring students will be given a chance by their school to take the more challenging AMC 10 exam. However, there is no requirement for the AMC 10 besides the fact that you have to be 10$^\text{th}$ grade or below.

The AMC 8 is administered by the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) is a proud sponsor of the AMC. The test is intended to foster interest in mathematics and also to help middle school students learn mathematical problem solving.

The AMC 8 replaced the AJHSME.

Region: USA
Type: Multiple Choice
Difficulty: 1 - 1.5
Difficulty Breakdown:

Problems 1 - 12: 1
Problems 13 - 25: 1.5


The AMC 8 exam is a 25 problem exam. There are 40 minutes given in the exam. Problems increase in difficulty as the problem number increases.


The AMC 8 is usually administered on the third week of January. There is a 1-week window for students to take the test.


The AMC 8 tests mathematical problem solving with algebra, arithmetic, counting, geometry, logic, number theory, and probability.


Video Playlist

These videos are really good for learning many concepts that come on the AMC 8:

Permutations and Combinations:

Casework, Complementary Counting, and Overcounting (PIE):

(More to be made soon, 1 more every week!)

Here are some more good videos that go through AMC 8 problem solving ~ MathEx


Use the links above to access many years worth of competition questions and answers.

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