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Social Media by CreativeHedgehog avatar.jpg

Social Media by CreativeHedgehog avatar.jpg

Welcome to my user page!

About This Place

This is just a user page that I wanted to make for myself. You can choose among any of the options above to go to my subpages. Use the social media buttons on the right to go to popular user pages and AoPS pages.

About Me

Aops-g5-gethsemanea2 is just a Prealgebra 1 user who is not as legendary as Piphi. He is about to turn 10 on October 23.


Thanks to the following users!

1. Piphi for the inspiration

2. CreativeHedgehog for the social media buttons

User Count

This is my user count. Add 1 to the number below if this is your first time visiting this page. \[\Huge{\textbf{4}}\]

Weekly Questions

Here are some questions that you can use to sharpen your math skills!

Weekly Question 1

If $n$ is $5$, what is $10n+11n$?

Discuss in the user talk.

Weekly Question 2 (SOURCE: SASMO)

$4$ chickens can lay $4$ eggs in $4$ days. How many chickens are needed to get $100$ eggs in $100$ days?

Discuss in the user talk.

Weekly Question 3

The sum of two consecutive numbers is $39$. What is their product plus their sum?

Discuss in the user talk.

Weekly Question 4

Simplify $(12+i)i$.

Discuss in the user talk and make sure you explain why.


This wiki page will NOT work if you use a mobile device with the social media buttons.

If you want it to work on a mobile device, you may put everything in a div and then align it to the center.

Then make the width 50%.

Example: Put the following text before every page:

<div style="position:fixed; left:50%; transform:translateX(-50%); width:50%;">

And this after it:


I just didn't do that because I had 40 pages to edit that out with. CreativeHedgehog 22:32, 4 August 2020 (EDT)

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