1993 AJHSME Problems/Problem 5


Which one of the following bar graphs could represent the data from the circle graph?

[asy] unitsize(36); draw(circle((0,0),1),gray); fill((0,0)--arc((0,0),(0,-1),(1,0))--cycle,gray); fill((0,0)--arc((0,0),(1,0),(0,1))--cycle,black); [/asy]

[asy] unitsize(4);  fill((1,0)--(1,15)--(5,15)--(5,0)--cycle,gray); fill((6,0)--(6,15)--(10,15)--(10,0)--cycle,black); draw((11,0)--(11,20)--(15,20)--(15,0));  fill((26,0)--(26,15)--(30,15)--(30,0)--cycle,gray); fill((31,0)--(31,15)--(35,15)--(35,0)--cycle,black); draw((36,0)--(36,15)--(40,15)--(40,0));  fill((51,0)--(51,10)--(55,10)--(55,0)--cycle,gray); fill((56,0)--(56,10)--(60,10)--(60,0)--cycle,black); draw((61,0)--(61,20)--(65,20)--(65,0));  fill((76,0)--(76,10)--(80,10)--(80,0)--cycle,gray); fill((81,0)--(81,15)--(85,15)--(85,0)--cycle,black); draw((86,0)--(86,20)--(90,20)--(90,0));  fill((101,0)--(101,15)--(105,15)--(105,0)--cycle,gray); fill((106,0)--(106,10)--(110,10)--(110,0)--cycle,black); draw((111,0)--(111,20)--(115,20)--(115,0));  for(int a = 0; a < 5; ++a) {     draw((25*a,21)--(25*a,0)--(25*a+16,0)); }  label("(A)",(8,21),N); label("(B)",(33,21),N); label("(C)",(58,21),N); label("(D)",(83,21),N); label("(E)",(108,21),N); [/asy]


Since the white portion of the graph is twice as much as the black and gray, its bar in the bar graph will need to be twice as much as the black and gray. Note that the black and gray portions are equal. This cancels choices $A, B, D, E$. The final answer is now $\boxed{C}$.

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