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After Beast Academy

Beast Academy is Art of Problem Solving's elementary school math curriculum, offering illustrated Guide books, thorough Practice books, and an engaging online learning system for math beasts ages 6–13.

What Comes Next?

A student who has completed the Beast Academy series through Level 5D has the mathematical background necessary for Prealgebra 1.

Our Prealgebra instructors are particularly mindful of the fact that their students are often new to online courses and even to typing, so the Prealgebra classes are shorter and less aggressively-paced than our later classes.

Even if a student finishing Beast Academy Level 5 can pass the post-test for Prealgebra 1 and 2, we do not recommend jumping straight from there to Introduction to Algebra A. Prealgebra 1 and 2 give students the opportunity to go more in-depth with topics introduced in Beast Academy Level 5, and they include topics that aren't covered in Beast Academy Level 5. Introduction to Algebra A also requires a much bigger jump in depth, rigor, and mathematical sophistication from Level 5.

Topic Overlap

You may notice that some topics you saw in Beast Academy Level 5 overlap with topics in the AoPS Prealgebra book and the online Prealgebra courses. This helps students transition to a more mature, rigorous presentation of mathematics. AoPS Prealgebra also covers these topics in considerably greater depth than we did in Beast Academy Level 5, so having the introduction in Level 5 helps students quickly transition from the basics to the more challenging material we offer in the Prealgebra text and courses.