Stay ahead of learning milestones! Enroll in a class over the summer!

How To Enroll

So, you're ready to enroll...awesome! We look forward to working with you.

If you haven't chosen a course yet, we encourage you to look over our general recommendations on the Recommendations page and the Choosing a Course section of this handbook. We also welcome you to contact us for a more personalized recommendation.

If you are using institutional funds, such as paying with a school purchase order, please visit the Using Institutional Funds page for instructions on how to complete your enrollment.

A Step-By-Step Enrollment Guide for Parents

You do not need to be signed in with an AoPS account to enroll in a course. Also, parents do not need to create their own AoPS accounts in order to enroll their child's account in a course or to track student progress.

  1. Visit the schedule page.

  2. Select the blue ENROLL button corresponding to the section of the course you'd like to enroll in.

  3. On the screen that appears, if your student already has an AoPS username, enter it on the left side and then press CONTINUE (and proceed to Step 4 of this guide).

    If your student does not yet have an AoPS username, you can create one by clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT button on the right side of that screen.

    Then fill out the information in the following two screens, clicking NEXT to proceed once you've completed each one. Remember that the AoPS account you are creating will be used by your student, and the username will be the one displayed to their instructor and classmates, so be sure to pick a username that your student is comfortable with using. This username will also be visible on your student's public AoPS profile, so we recommend not including any personally indentifiable information in it.

  4. If textbooks are required for the class, those will also be listed on the next screen that appears. To add the paperback and/or online versions of the required textbooks to your order, select the corresponding option. If you already have the required textbook, then select the "Without Books" option.

  5. Select the ADD TO CART button in that small window, and you will be taken to your online Shopping Cart, which will now include the enrollment as well as any textbooks you selected.

  6. If you wish to add additional enrollments or books to your order, please return to schedule page or the Bookstore.

  7. Once you have included all enrollments and books you wish to order at this time, navigate back to your online Shopping Cart.

    • If your order includes paperback books or other items to be shipped, shipping estimates will be provided in the lower-left side of this page.

  8. If you wish to check out with PayPal, please select the "Check out with PayPal" at the bottom-right of the page. Otherwise, please select the blue CHECKOUT button.

  9. Follow any instructions on the next pages.

  10. When checkout is complete, you should be taken to a page that confirms "Thank you for your order!" At that time, your student will immediately be enrolled in the course, and you will receive an emailed receipt.

    • Important: If you do not see the Order Confirmation page, your order has not been completed, and the student is not yet enrolled.