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Weekly Live or Self-Paced?

AoPS Prealgebra 1, Prealgebra 2, and Introduction to Algebra A courses come in two formats, weekly live and self-paced. Our weekly live classes are built around live sessions in our online classroom. Our self-paced classes are designed so that students can set their own schedule, and are supported by our self-paced lessons.

Both formats are built around the same core curriculum and written by the same stellar team, so you can expect the same level of challenge and rigor from either one. We want our students to be able to choose the course format that's the right choice for them, so both formats are the same price (and always will be!).

It may be obvious to you which class is right for you or your student, or you may see advantages in both. Let us try to help with that. If it isn't clear which to choose for your student, we'd recommend reading the Who is the Weekly Live Class For? and Who is the Self-Paced Class For? below. You're also welcome to just try one out!

Try One Out!

Students are welcome to try one format first, and then request to switch to the other later if they think it would work better for them. If you're in the middle of one of our weekly live classes and are struggling with the pace or have gotten off track due to outside circumstances, we can help! Email us and we will switch you over to our self-paced class. Easy as that! Your homework progress will translate and you can start where you left off, working through the rest of the course in your own time.

This road goes both directions. If you sign up for the self-paced class but you really need the motivation of rigid deadlines to succeed, let us know. We will find a place for you in one of our weekly live classes.

Who is the Weekly Live Class For?

You are a highly-motivated math student and normal math classes don't work for you.

You like being in a room full of other high-peforming students.

You want a math class where you actively play alongside your classmates and teachers.

You need hard due dates to get things done.

Our weekly live class might be for you.

Who is the Self-Paced Class For?

You are a highly-motivated math student and normal math classes don't work for you.

You are fine working alone or in small groups.

You like to take your time to learn material the first time around.

You suspect that the weekly live AoPS math classes are too fast or too slow for you.

Your schedule is irregular or unpredictable, so you won't be able to attend weekly classes or keep up with a pre-set schedule.

Our self-paced class might be right for you.