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If You Enroll Late: Catching Up

Note: These instructions are specifically designed for students who have enrolled in a course after it has begun. If you will miss one or a few classes in the middle of a course, please see our If You Miss A Class page.

What Happens When You Enroll Late

Although you might miss a few classes if you enroll after the start date, you can find the full transcripts of any class session you missed on the class homepage. You won't miss any of the homework assignments, though! Students who enroll by the third class session will have all of their homework assignment deadlines automatically extended so that they can catch up. Homework due dates will be four days apart until the student is back on track with the rest of the class.

You can find more details on how to catch up on the content you missed on the If You Miss A Class page.

Check Your Classroom Connection

On the first class that you can attend live, please try to enter the classroom about 10 minutes before the class to ensure that you have no trouble connecting. You can find more information on how to access the classroom on the Accessing the Classroom page.

Making Up Homework

  • For subject courses, we generally encourage you to work through the assignments beginning from Week 1, as each week's material will build off of the last. Follow the "Homework" strategy outlined on the Missing A Class page.

    If you need more time on the first few weeks' Writing Problems, please email us at extensions@aops.com with a suggested updated due date schedule. Short-answer Challenge Problems can be completed at any time, even after the due date.

    We set due dates four days apart to help you get caught up to the rest of the class as soon as possible. If the assignment schedule on your course homepage does not fit your educational plan, our extensions staff should be able to work with you on setting up a schedule that does.

  • For contest preparation courses, which survey a wide variety of topics, you may be able to jump in on the current week, and then go back to past weeks' material as time allows in the following weeks. All homework in these courses can be completed at any time, even after the due date.