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Parent Tools Sign Up

This page allows parents to sign up for our Parent Report system.

For security purposes, please confirm that you are a parent or legal guardian of the student by entering, in the fields below, the student username and the order ID for the class registration. View our Privacy Policy.

After confirmation, we will provide you with a permission form authorizing us to release your student's records to you. We will not release any student information until we have received this signed form. The instructions for how to return the form to us are included on the form. Once we have received and processed the form, we will send you instructions on how to access your child’s course reports.

About Parent Reports: For some of our courses, we offer access to the Parent Report system, which allows parents to track their children’s performance more easily. This is an opt-in system that will allow you to view on-demand reports of your child’s current progress in the course as well as send you weekly updates.

The report system is available to parents and legal guardians of students and will only generate reports for some of our curriculum classes. We will not issue any student information until we have received the signed permission form authorizing us to release the information.

Please refer to the Parent Tools FAQ page for more information.

Please enter the following information: