AIME Problem Series A Online Math Course

AIME Problem Series A

Preparation for the AIME, the second in the series of tests used to determine the United States team at the International Math Olympiad. Many top colleges also request AIME scores as part of the college application process. The course also includes a practice AIME test.

12 weeks

12 weeks  


Summer 2020This course will be offered in Summer 2020. Click here to join our mailing list to be notified when the course schedule is available.

AoPS Holidays

There are no classes May 23–25, July 3–5, and September 5–7.

Who Should Take?

Our AIME Problem Series A and AIME Problem Series B courses are designed for students who are very confident that they will qualify for the AIME contest. Students who consistently expect to score 8 or more on the AIME may instead wish to consider our WOOT program. AIME-qualifying students would also benefit from any of our Intermediate-level subject courses.

Please note, we offer two versions of this class: AIME Problem Series A and AIME Problem Series B. These two courses are roughly the same difficulty, but the problems covered in the two courses are completely different. Many students opt to take both classes, and the classes can be taken in either order.


Lesson 1 Equations
Lesson 2 Complex Numbers and Polynomials
Lesson 3 Functions
Lesson 4 Inequalities, Sequences and Series
Lesson 5 Counting
Lesson 6 Probability
Lesson 7 Number Theory
Lesson 8 Algebraic Method in Number Theory
Lesson 9 Analytic Geometry and Trig
Lesson 10 Euclidean Geometry I
Lesson 11 Euclidean Geometry II
Lesson 12 Extending Your Geometric Range

I really love this course. Before I took this course, my usual AIME score was around 6. After 9 lessons, I got a 13 out of 15 on my practice test. This course did wonders.

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