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Since 2005, students preparing for the major high school Olympiads have chosen our rigorous 7-month WOOT courses for in-depth study of advanced topics and strategies in:
Learn from former Olympiad medalists and participants through online classes
WOOT instructors provide quality feedback on practice materials and can share their own experiences with students.
While ChemWOOT gave me great practice for Chemistry Study Camp, the social aspect of the class was just as important. I wouldn't be nearly as passionate about chemistry if it hadn't been for this supportive community that challenged my preconceptions about the subject and helped me bring my understanding to new levels.
- Jenny C.
The training I received in math from AoPS was absolutely crucial to helping me develop problem-solving skills in physics. At the Olympiad level, most problems can't be solved with only one concept-cracking them usually requires putting multiple concepts together, and the WOOT program really helped me develop this essential skill.
- Gopal G.
Practice Olympiad-level problem solving with challenging, differentiated materials
WOOT materials - including lessons, practice tests, and more - help students develop the problem-solving skills they need to succeed.
Train, discuss, and collaborate online with the best students in the world
WOOT participants collaborate with classmates from all over the world through the online classroom and message boards at any time, day or night.
The supportive community of very bright students in WOOT motivated me to study even more Olympiad-level math, while providing the structure I needed. I found myself collaborating with past USAMO winners and IMO medalists, working (and solving!) problems that I'd barely been able to understand before I took the class.
- Michael T.
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