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CodeWOOT (Code Worldwide Online Olympiad Training)

Designed for students to cultivate the algorithmic problem solving skills needed to successfully compete in top computer science competitions.

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Example Problem: You are given an undirected, weighted graph with N vertices (2 ≤ N ≤ 100) and edge costs in the range [ -109 , 109 ]. It is guaranteed that there is a path with a finite maximum total cost; find this cost.

Sponsored by the World's Industry Leaders

AoPS thanks our incredible sponsors for helping make WOOT programs possible.

Curriculum Designed by Google's Coding Competition Writer

Co-lead Engineer and Author of Google Code Jam
Co-lead Engineer and Author of Google Code Jam, Google's elite coding competition to identify the world's top engineers

Curriculum Designed by Google's Coding Competition Writer

CodeWOOT was developed by Ian Tullis: an experienced software engineer, instructor, and problem designer for national and international coding competitions.


Co-lead Engineer and Author

  • Google and Google Distributed Code Jam

Puzzle and Problem Writer

  • MIT Mystery Hunt

  • Microsoft Puzzle Hunt


Harvey Mudd, BS in Chemistry

Stanford, MA in Computer Science, Specialty: CS Theory

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Early bird pricing ends Aug 19th

Early bird pricing ends Aug 19th

Registration Deadline: October 1, 2024

First Day of Class: September 5, 2024

Schedule: Thurs 7:30 - 9:30 PM ET (4:30 - 6:30 PM PT)

Students may drop CodeWOOT by October 1, 2024 and receive a full refund.

Due to our generous sponsors shown above, 2024 USACO Summer Training Camp participants are invited to join CodeWOOT for free.

Designed by Ian Tullis, a former writer for Code Jam, Google's international coding competition, CodeWOOT trains students to excel at the Gold and Platinum levels in the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO).


Direct feedback: Get comments from experts on how to improve your coding and your problem solving process to elevate your competition potential.

Custom judge system: Receive automatic feedback for your code from our USACO-style judge system to help optimize your responses and prepare for the real competition.

Expert instructors: Learn advanced concepts and problem solving skills from former OIympiad competitors and medalists.

24-hr online classroom: Problem solve at any time, any place with top students from around the world.

Contest-specific experiences: Challenging practice problems and exams for every major contest in the high school Olympiad track.

CodeWOOT runs from September 5, 2024 to March 6, 2025. Each CodeWOOT class is held on Thursday at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT. To learn more, download the course information.

Number of Classes: 16

Practice Exams: 6 Practice USACOs

Ideal Exam Scores / Levels: CodeWOOT is designed for students preparing for USACO Gold and Platinum levels. Students who can consistently solve at least one Silver-level problem will also benefit from this course.

Recommended Background:

Basic algorithms (such as sorting, binary search, and depth first search)

Basic data structures (such as arrays, linked lists, trees, and directed and undirected graphs)

One or more of the following programming languages: C++, Java, Python

Technical Requirements: C++

Diagnostic Assessment: We strongly encourage students to test their subject level expertise before enrolling in this course.

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WOOT Testimonials

Since 2005, students preparing for the major high school Olympiads for math and science have chosen AoPS Online’s WOOT programs.

I enjoyed the classroom, the discussions, and the problems on the handouts. They were very creatively conceived, and I think WOOT instructors paid excellent attention to the discussion during online classes.

This course had a very impressive number of problems, all of which reinforced my understanding and/or took me beyond what we learned in class.

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