Stretch Introduction to Algebra A

Stretch Introduction to Algebra A covers the same topics as Introduction to Algebra A, but at a more methodical pace (22 two-hour classes versus 16 ninety-minute classes). Topics covered include exponents and radicals, linear equations and inequalities, ratio and proportion, systems of linear equations, factoring quadratics, complex numbers, completing the square, and the quadratic formula.

This course is University of California a-g approved. Click here for more details.

22 weeks






Sep 20 - Mar 7
7:30 - 9:30
Sep 20 - Mar 7
7:30 - 9:30 PM Eastern
6:30 - 8:30 PM Central
5:30 - 7:30 PM Mountain
4:30 - 6:30 PM Pacific
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TBA $610
$669 w/books
With Books $669

AoPS Holidays

There are no classes September 4, November 18 - 26, and December 21 - January 3.

Who Should Take?

Students are ready for this class if they have mastered arithmetic with fractions, decimals, percents, negative numbers, and integer exponents. Most students who have completed a typical Prealgebra course are ready for this course. Our Stretch Introduction to Algebra A course covers the same syllabus as our Introduction to Algebra A course.

AoPS Stretch courses are designed for high-performing students who seek a more gradual pace than our regular courses offer. Our Stretch Introduction to Algebra A consists of 22 two-hour classes, compared to 16 ninety-minute classes in Introduction to Algebra A. Each Stretch class features an instructor-led component that highlights the week's central concepts, followed by a student-led session in which students apply these concepts to more challenging problems.

Students wishing to cover the material in this course at a more rapid pace should consider Introduction to Algebra A.

Please note: Our Algebra sequence will likely not match up exactly with your school's. Most students who have completed a Prealgebra course are ready for this course. This course covers much of the algebra of a typical honors Algebra 1 course, some of the content of an honors Algebra 2 course, and some additional material not taught in most standard curricula. Visit our Recommendations page for help in choosing the right class.


Lesson 1 Follow the Rules
Lesson 2 Fractional Exponents and Radicals
Lesson 3 Expressions and Variables (Part 1)
Lesson 4 Expressions and Variables (Part 2)
Lesson 5 Linear Equations
Lesson 6 More Variables
Lesson 7 Linear Equations with Two Variables
Lesson 8 Word Problems and Linear Equations with Several Variables
Lesson 9 Ratio
Lesson 10 Percents and Proportion
Lesson 11 Proportion and Rate Problems
Lesson 12 Common Errors and Challenging Problems
Lesson 13 Introduction to Graphing Lines
Lesson 14 Using Slope and Finding Equations
Lesson 15 Introduction to Inequalities
Lesson 16 Graphing Inequalities
Lesson 17 Quadratic Equations and Factoring
Lesson 18 Quadratic Equations and Roots
Lesson 19 Factorizations: Squares of Binomials and Difference of Squares
Lesson 20 Rationalizing Denominators and Special Factorizations
Lesson 21 Complex Numbers
Lesson 22 Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula

Required Textbook

Introduction to Algebra
By Richard Rusczyk
A thorough introduction for students in grades 6-9 to algebra topics such as linear equations, ratios, quadratic equations, special factorizations, complex numbers, graphing linear and quadratic equations, linear and quadratic inequalities, functions, polynomials, exponents and logarithms, absolute value, sequences and series, and more!

I think this course was really fun and challenging. I learned a lot, and really boosted my counting skills. I saw many cool topics, and loved it. Thanks AoPS!


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