Classroom System Requirements

Our classroom works on any modern JavaScript enabled browser, including modern tablet computers. For best performance, we recommend having Adobe Flash installed and using a desktop or laptop computer.

In addition, you will need to have port 9898 open to connect to the classroom server. If you are connecting from a school, workplace, or other public location, or if you are connecting with a school or work provided computer, you may need to have your IT manager enable access to port 9898 before you can access the classroom.

Some anti-virus and Internet security software packages may inappropriately block port 9898 from use. If you are unable to access the classroom normally, please try disabling your anti-virus or Internet security software. Please contact the developer of the software for information on how to disable your anti-virus or Internet security software.

On rare occasions, your network router may block port 9898. Please contact the manufacturer of your router for information on unblocking port 9898. You may also wish to try connecting your modem directly to your computer to avoid any restrictions placed by your router.


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