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Classroom System Requirements

In order to access and participate in the classroom, you must have a well-maintained computer with any modern web browser and a stable connection to United States based Internet servers.

Internet connections from public locations, such as schools, airports, hotels, or coffee shops, may block access to our classroom. Some countries outside the United States may also block access to our classroom. Unfortunately, this is not something can help you resolve, so you will need to contact the manager or Internet Service Provider of your internet connection if you run into this issue.

The classroom is also accessible from tablet and phone devices that have web browsers, but using this type of device to attend classes is not recommended, as it can be very difficult to fully participate in one of our online classes from a phone or tablet. In general, we recommend students attend classes from a device that has a physical keyboard.

Finally, the online classroom for each course will open a week before the first class starts, so we recommend trying to access the classroom in advance make sure you are able to successfully connect to the classroom.