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Parent Tools

This page allows parents and legal guardians to manage their Parent Reports. After completing the authentification steps below, you will be able to

  • Generate an on-demand progress report;
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe from the weekly progress report emails; and
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe from the regular student reminder emails.

To access Parent Reports, please verify your identity by entering the student username and the parent email listed on the permission form submitted to Art of Problem Solving authorizing us to release your student's records. View our Privacy Policy.

To request an on-demand progress report on your student, after verification, select the first checkbox and click Submit. For security, the system will email the link for downloading the progress report to your registered email address.

About Parent Reports: For some of our courses, we offer access to the Parent Report system, which allows parents to track their children’s performance more easily. This is an opt-in system that will allow you to view on-demand reports of your child’s current progress in the course as well as send you weekly updates.

The report system is available to parents and legal guardians of students and will only generate reports for some of our classes. We will not issue any student information until we have received the signed permission form authorizing us to release the information. You may sign up for Parent Reports here.

Questions? Visit our Parent Tools FAQs page.

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