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Getting In Touch

You may have questions for AoPS course staff or administrators. Here are a few ways to get in touch with us.


You can email any general questions about our online classes to our Student Services Specialists at, or click here to email us a message. This team is happy to answer any questions about how our courses work, provide recommendations, and can also reach out to the instructor when needed.

The Student Services team is also glad to provide assistance if you are advocating for credit for AoPS courses with another institution, or if you have any questions about our accreditation. Finally, inquiries about instances of academic dishonesty can be sent to as well. More information about our general Academic Integrity policies can be found here.

Please send questions about and requests for grades and other documentation to You can also find more information about grades and other documentation here.

Individual extensions for Writing Problems can be requested on the Course Homepage. Extensions staff can be reached at if you have a special circumstance to discuss.

Please email or click here to inquire about an order that you placed.

Please email or click here to send us any questions you have about using institutional funds and tax-exempt orders.

Message Board

If your child has any questions about the material covered in class or about the homework problems, we encourage them to post those on the courses's dedicated Message Board. Multiple course staff keep an eye on these course message board to make sure that all questions are answered. Students have the option to post anonymously on the course message board, if they prefer.

Note that all students enrolled in the course can view the posts in the course message board, so we encourage you to use email to discuss private matters with AoPS administrators.

Private Message

If you want to contact the instructor privately, you can send a Private Message through our website to the instructor's account. The instructor's username can be found on the Course Introduction document, which is always available on the Course Homepage. However, please note that some instructors do not check these messages regularly. To ensure a prompt reply, we encourage you to use the message board or email.