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My Goals Tab

For some students, one of the most difficult parts of transitioning into AoPS courses is managing the homework between the once-per-week classes. We've designed the My Goals tab to help students track their tasks and manage their schedules.

About My Goals

The My Goals tab is currently available for the following courses: Prealgebra 1, Prealgebra 2, Introduction to Algebra A (original and Stretch), Introduction to Algebra B, Introduction to Counting & Probability, Introduction to Number Theory, Introduction to Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Intermediate Counting & Probability, Precalculus, and Calculus.

The homework in AoPS online coures is not designed to be compeleted in one sitting, in one evening, or even in one day! Starting homework early and allowing time to think through problems, take breaks, and ask questions, is essential for true learning to occur (and ultimately for success in the course). Remember, it will be hard!

Unfinished assignments are noted on the My Goals tab with an empty box , and as you complete each assignment, it will be marked off with a check: .

We encourage you to click around on this page to play around with all the settings.

  • In the Date display mode, you can choose to work on any number of days each week, and the page will create a suggested schedule for working through the week's assignments.
  • In the List display mode, all of the week's assignments are given as a list, with no suggested schedule. You can use this list to create your own work schedule and check that you have completed all assignments.

My Goals FAQs

Below are a few common questions about My Goals and the My Goals tab.
  • Do I have to use it?

    Nope, although we hope you'll give it a try and find it useful! My Goals is an optional tool that you may or may not use. The use (or non-use) of this tab will not be mentioned on any course progress reports.

  • Will My Goals change the due dates of my assignments?

    It will not. My Goals only gives a suggested work schedule. The final due date for all of your week's assignment is still given by the week's due date, which you can find at the top of each week's My Goals tab and the top of the Homework tab.

  • What if I don't stick to the schedule?

    In short, nothing—creating the schedule does not change your due date for these assignments, and you won't be penalized for not working on the schedule given by the My Goals tab. We created "My Goals" to help you pace these weekly assingments in a way that is manageable to you. If a schedule we've suggested doesn't work for you, we welcome you to come up with one that does! Just be sure to complete all the assignments by that week's due date.