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The Course Homepage

When signed into the Art of Problem Solving Community, you can access the class homepage by following the My Classes link in the upper right corner of the site. You can also find the class homepage by clicking the My Classes button under the Online School menu at the top of the website.

Homepage shortcut: If you are signed in and know your Course ID number, then you can directly access the course homepage by typing into the address bar, replacing the # character with your course ID number.

The class homepage is the main source of information for this course. If you are using a personal computer, we encourage you to bookmark this course homepage in your browser.

You'll notice that the course homepage is conveniently organized into tabs. All courses have an Overview tab that is the main view when visiting the course homepage, as well as a Message Board tab on which to discuss material with classmates and course staff. The rest of the tabs will vary by course. Please see below for a brief description of each.

Please visit the class homepage at least a couple of times a week during your class. The Homework and Report tabs will help you check that you are keeping up wih the work.


The Overview tab has three main parts:

  • Announcements: Below this header is a link to the Course Introduction document, instructions for accessing the Online Classroom, and the AoPS Honor code. Please read each of these once before class begins.
  • Next class: Below this header is the date and title of the next class.
  • Schedule: Below this header is a table with the week-by-week topic breakdown of the course.
    • The "Transcript" column will contain a link to each live class session's transcript once it is available.
    • If the class has a required textbook, the "Readings" column will contain each week's readings to be completed before that week's live class session.
    • If the class has weekly homework, the "Progress" column will contain a bar which displays the student's Overall Weekly progress bar in this course. More detailed information can be found on the Report tab.

Homework and Alcumus

If the course has weekly homework sets, you'll have a Homework tab. The type of homework will vary by course, so please visit the Homework Overview page for more details about your class's homework.

Gray boxes at the top of each week's page provide information about the assignments for that week.

  • The top-left gray box will tell you how many of and what kinds of Challenge Problems you have to complete, as well as list the due date for those problems. If your class has Writing Problems, this box will also have a link to request an extension
  • If your class has Alcumus assignments, there will be a middle gray box that lists all of the assigned topics for that week and display your progress in each. The due date for these is the same as the due date listed in the leftmost gray box. Click any topic name within this box to be taken to a different page that allows you to work on that Alcumus topic.
  • The top-right gray box contains any Readings for the week. That week's class transript will be linked in this box, once it is available. If your class has Textbook Readings, the readings for the current and next week will both be listed in this box, as well.

The Challenge Problems and space to enter your answers are also on the Homework tab, below these gray boxes.

If your class has Alcumus assignments, there will also be an Alcumus tab on the class homepage so you can work on your Alcumus assignment right there.

My Goals and Report

The My Goals and Report tabs are on your class homepage to help you track your progress in the class. My Goals tries to help you schedule your assignments during the week, and the Report tab shows you how well you are progressing through the week's material.

You can read more about My Goals on this page and we discuss the Report tab in more detail on the Student Progress Tracking page.

Video and Handouts

If your course has supplementary videos, those can be found on the Video tab. Videos are organized by week, with video topics corresponding to the material covered in class the same week.

Classes with handouts will have a Handouts tab corresponding to weeks of the class. Handouts should be read before the week's live class session.


If the course has a required textbook and you have purchased the online textbook, the online book can be accessed through this tab.

Message Board

The course's Message Board can be found on this tab. More details about the Message Board can be found on this page.

Practice Test

Contest-preparation courses for the AMC 10, AMC 12, and AIME each provide one practice test in the style of that exam. More information about the Practice Tests in these courses can be found here.