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This page provides information about the transcripts of our class discussions. If you are instead looking for information about official grade documentation, please visit our Grades and Documentation page.

At the end of each class, we will post a full transcript of the conversation from that class. This allows students to go back and reread sections that were troublesome or review concepts that are needed for the homework. Students can easily ask questions about lines in the transcript directly from the transcript page.

About Transcripts

The text-and-image nature of our online classroom allows us make a complete transcript of each live class session. Instructors will post the class transcript soon after the live class ends, typically within an hour.

Because these transcripts are stored as webpages, students can use their browser's "find" feature to search for particular terms within a transcript. This feature can most often be accessed by pressing "CTRL+F" on a PC or "SHIFT+F" on a Mac.

Links on the Transcripts page allow students to track conversations on the course Message Board about certain points in the live class session, as well as ask their own questions from that page. Please see the section below for more information about how the Transcripts are integrated with the message board.

For information about how you can save these transcripts once the course has ended, please see this page.

Accessing Transcripts

Once available, the link to a class transcript can be found on the Overview tab of your course homepage, below the Schedule heading, in the Transcript column.

Integration with the Message Board

When hovering over any line in the transcript, you'll see a green icon that looks like this: V. Click that icon to start creating a new Message Board post that is "linked" to that line of the transcript. (You'll notice that a tag is automatically created as a link to that transcript, and the line you selected will be quoted in your post!) On this screen, you may also choose to check the "Post Anonymously" box. If you check this box, your username will be hidden from your classmates—your classmates will instead see a post from the user "Halp." Instructional staff will be able to see your real username, though.

If you see a green t icon to the right of any transcript line, this means someone has asked a question about that same line! Click on the icon to view all of the topics linked to that line of the transcript.

We strongly encourage you to post questions about material from class or the transcript in this way! This makes it very easy for the instructor to tell exactly what part of the transcript you have a question about, and it allows other students looking for help with the same topic to easily find other similar discussions.