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The AoPSWiki Words of the Week are the "featured" words on AoPSWiki for the week. Typically, every week one mathematical term and one "other" topic (a contest, a summer camp, a problem-solving strategy, etc.) will be selected.

All AoPSWiki users are particularly encouraged to edit the pages for the Words of the Week as a collaborative effort.

Words of the Week

October 24 - October 30
October 17 - October 23
October 10 - October 16

September 12 - September 18
September 5 - September 11
August 29 - September 4
August 22-August 28
August 15-August 21
August 8-August 14
August 1-August 7
July 25-July 31
July 18-July 24
July 11-July 17
July 4-July 10
June 27-July 3
June 20-26
June 13-19
June 6-12
May 20-27
May 4-19
April 25-May 3
April 15-24
April 6-14
March 28-April 5
March 20-27
March 12-19
March 1-11
February 20-29
February 12-19
February 4-11
January 29-February 3
January 17-28
January 10-16
January 3-9
WotW was on vacation December 20th through January 2nd.
December 13-19
December 6-December 12
November 29-December 5
November 22-28
November 15-21
November 8-14
November 1-7
October 25-31
October 18-24
October 11-17
October 4-10
September 27-October 3
September 20-26
September 13-19
September 6-12

Editing tips

For mathematical topics

  • Don't just define! Give examples. If the topic is related to problem solving, it is also good to provide examples of actual problems that utilize that technique.
  • Have lots of links to other related topics. Have links to other wiki pages that talk about terms that you use. Edit those other pages too!
  • Images are often very useful, especially in fields like geometry. See A:IMG for image related syntax. Or alternatively you can use Asymptote to draw geometry diagrams.

For other topics

  • For contests: describe
    • how the contest works
    • who runs it
    • a bit about its history
    • what types of students can/should participate
    • any prizes
    • other related contests
    • a link to the contest's website
  • For summer camps:
    • Nuts and bolts: where, how long, how much
    • Compare to other summer camps
    • Try to be objective. The forum is a place to give your opinions. The wiki is a place to give facts.

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